Created email drip campaigns designed to increase buyer activity and brand awareness on military bases — an emerging market for the product.


Additionally, worked on campus campaigns and in-app copy to increase "Runner" (peer-delivery) activity on college campuses — an established market for the product.

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Worked with Whistle on a variety of email campaigns, blogs, video scripts, landing pages, company manifesto, packaging copy, and more. 

Marco Polo 

Created in-app copy, SMS, push notifications, interviews, event announcements, copy for PR outreach, help articles, and more to assist in increasing product download and engagement. 

Additionally, I conducted interviews with over 25 users of the communication app to create emotion-based stories and case studies for the company blog.


Created video scripts for YouTube ad campaigns based on rough copy drafts. The two ads hit the same target audience using different tone and approach.

Additionally, after conducting an interview with Galvanize graduate, I created a series of six emails and corresponding landing pages designed to take the reader / prospect on an intimate journey through the student experience at Galvanize.


(Formerly Outfitr) Created all copy and content for website, including well-researched industry articles, and assisted in branding for upcoming product launch — a platform designed to streamline workflow in the apparel industry supply chain.

Bacchus Press & Printing Green 

A sampling of content and copy created for Bacchus Press & Printing Green: blog posts, keyword specific industry articles, and website content. Much of the content required research on specialty printing techniques. 


A peek at my YA Sci-fantasy novel, Rise of the Protector.