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Resume & References

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Berna Geylani
VP of Marketing Galvanize, UNIFI3DMarco PoloJoyRun

"I originally hired Winn to collaborate on a new marketing campaign. I wanted a unique approach and knew her out-of-the-box thinking would bring a fresh perspective and original concept. In addition to being creative and original, Winn manages to turn out copy incredibly fast, and always delivers multiple options for our short-form campaigns. She creates content that speaks to our branding and audience.

She's my go to for all content creation and copywriting!" 

Meagan Allers
Support / Engagement/ Culture  Marco Polo 

"Winn is an amazing writer and person! Marco Polo is a free video communication app, for helping people feel close. We worked together to find great user stories. Winn was really flexible and has an awesome turn around on writing up stories. She was able to bring the "goosebump" factor out in really touching stories and could really capture the user's voice. She's easy to work with, a real team player. I can't recommend Winn enough!"

Jonathan Butts
Executive Creative Director at BlackWing Creative

"When Microsoft wanted to blow peoples' minds with an incredible event experience, I called in Winn to work her magic. In a matter of 5 weeks she helped us pull off one of the most ambitious, out-of-the-box creative feats that Microsoft has ever undertaken. 

Winn crafted an Alice In Wonderland style lounge complete with magical creature furniture built from new and re-purposed materials. This work won top awards from the advertising industry — and more importantly, her creations are now a part of the permanent Microsoft art collection. 

If you are looking for a visionary artist, a trusted partner, a great collaborator, and an unbelievably hard worker, look no further than Winn Apple Taylor."   


Addy Winning MicrosoftMix Project

Amy Hillyard
Organization Development Consultant, Restaurateur and Community Builder

"I met Winn when she bravely took a job with at Farley's East when we opened. I could not have survived the launch of that business without her. Her legacy still runs deep in the Farley's organization and we have managed to keep her close to us by engaging her to help us with our marketing and social media. 

In addition marketing, she is an artist, maker and writer. She transforms cast-off furniture into whimsical creations for children of all ages (even grown up children) and writes stories for children. She does this out of a deep purpose to use her talents to make the world a better place. 

Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Winn will not only get performance, they will get to work with someone with a special presence."  Farley's

Myrna Nickelsen
Director of Marketing Communications at Kinestral Technologies, Inc.

"Winn is a dream employee. She brings a positive energy, she's a quick study, she works well with others - no matter their educational or cultural backgrounds, and she takes pride in her work. So no matter what her role and responsibilities are, you can be assured that she'll take on the role with gusto and make certain that all goals are accomplished. 

I would strongly recommend Winn for any job that she says she can handle."

Karen Schreiber
Sales at Bacchus Press

"Winn brings a fabulous positive attitude to all of her tasks which are MANY. She is a creative force here at Bacchus Press. Winn is the "go-to" person for a variety of technical and marketing issues, and always follows through! As her colleague I can absolutely recommend Winn."

Dan Moon
Product Manager at Whistle

Winn was an absolute pleasure to work with and all-star contributor! Not only is she a creative and unconventional thinker, Winn is a colorful writer that keeps the audience top of mind and is methodical in her approach to creating messaging and content. She knows how to ask the right questions, have a distinct yet synergistic POV, embody different writing styles, and aptly balance articulating technical subjects with a familiar and inviting tone. I appreciated how she brought personality and a fresh voice to the brand while partnering seamlessly across the organization - all the while being a positive spirit and a complete joy to be around. Winn certainly has the depth and quality of a good writer; a skill that is evenly matched by her amiable and giving spirit in which fuels her writing.

Work Experience

Freelance Copywriter
Oct 2013  - Present

I have over ten years of experience creating copy and content. I’ve worked with established companies in increasing consumer retention, as well as brainstorming product and business launch campaigns to create brand awareness and trigger consumer engagement.

June 2023  - Present

In my role as a freelance ghostwriter, I conduct a series of interviews to capture the rich tapestry of life history details. With these insights, I craft authentic memoirs that stay true to the unique voice of each individual, bringing their story to life with depth and authenticity.

Sandrie Sedgbeer - Freelance Copywriter
April 2023 - Present
Copy support for radio show host at OMTimes Media.
Revise and publish newsletters, create intro copy for her weekly episodes, and craft
attention-grabbing one-liners.
Outfitr -  Freelance Copywriter
Jan 2020 - Jan 2021

Write well-researched industry articles, blogs, and web copy to support the launch of new product/service in the apparel industry.

Puppo-  Freelance Copywriter
April 2019 - Feb 2020

Write well-researched industry articles and blogs to support Puppo's (personalized dog kibble) marketing efforts.

Whistle -  Copy and Content Creator (Contract)
Nov 2018 - Jan 2020

Worked with Whistle on a variety of email campaigns, blogs, video scripts, landing pages, and more. As well as writing the company manifesto.

Marco Polo -  Copy and Content Creator (Freelance)
Feb 2017 - August 2019

Contracted to create in-app copy for their product, Marco Polo, as well as SMS, push notifications, user interviews, and help articles and to assist in increasing product download and engagement. Developed MP Content Style Guide for voice and tone to be referenced in all consumer-facing content and collateral, and reworked content to reflect guidelines.

JoyRun- Copy and Content Creator (Contract)
July 2017 - April 2018

Contracted to collaborate in creative brainstorming sessions to develop campaigns that are engaging, on-brand, and compelling. Writing includes creating copy across a broad range of mediums: Facebook, video scripting, SMS, print, email campaigns, landing pages, in-app copy, and push notifications.

uBe Art Gallery - Owner

​March 2015 - May 2017

I curated and promoted rotating exhibitions from artists across the country and hosted creative workshops within a welcoming, community-focused environment. I encouraged visibility, growth, and traffic through consistent engagement across multiple social media outlets, created regular press releases, outreach to publications for media coverage, and hosted successful, lively events.

Galvanize - Copy and Content Creator (Contract)
June 2016 - Jan 2017 

Contracted to collaborate on the creation of a new email campaign from conception to launch. Project included conducting an interview with a program graduate to create copy for a series of six emails and accompanying landing pages. The series takes the reader through the student journey, from application to job placement. Other projects included content for Facebook ads, YouTube campaigns, and radio scripts.


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