The New World Chronicles
Some heroes aren’t trying to save the world. 



AT SEVENTEEN, Jinx is doing a below-average job of staying out of trouble.

In her defense, being the first and only reject from the Virtual World she was born to enter was a bit of a bummer.


While every other denizen on her space station trains for their future life in the VR (a virtual reality designed for discovering higher wisdom and recording it), Jinx prepares for Galactic Release by shifting her trouble-making into overdrive.


When she isn’t sneaking into restricted areas, she’s devising ways to check on Laris — the only denizen she cares for.

But when the space station’s VR goes into lockdown, trapping Laris and thousands more, Jinx is pulled into a mystery. Her race to uncover the truth reveals galactic thugs hunting her kind, a nefarious zealot undermining her every move, and a hazardous virtual landscape to navigate. 


So yeah, she’s got her hands full.


Fortunately, she’s got a waggish geek and an ice cream addicted tween AI who’ll risk their backsides to make sure she fulfills her destiny. Not to mention a few new powers that’ll come in handy . . . if she can stay alive long enough to discover them.


Fingers crossed she’ll master her inner hero. The survival of Laris, humanity, and all organic life depends on it. 


But hey, no pressure. She’s got till the end of the day.


ONCE AGAIN, protecting Laris, the prophesied ‘ONE’, is left to Jinx, an impulsive, superpowered 18-year-old who has never followed a single rule.

Yeah, sure, she and Jacob managed to save Laris from the first threat—an eternal sleep; and Jinx escaped the pineal-gland-harvesting drug lord Sartillias.

But that was yesterday. Today, Jinx is still trying to work out the kinks in her newly-acquired powers, settle into hero status, and navigate her feelings for Laris.


Jinx better adjust quickly. She and the team are zipping between galaxies to reach the near-annihilated Earth with mercenaries hot on their tail.

Setting up shop in a desolate solar system while danger looms is only the first hurdle in a race to save organic life. Even Jacob and Claire's unrivaled geekery is challenged while tapping into the conductive power of Earth’s pyramids. Their efforts to amplify Laris’s transmutational energy prove hazardous when a nanobot unleashes her dark side. With the energy of the Universe at her fingertips, Laris becomes a threat. While the team works to disrupt the bot, its sender, a showboating kingpin, readies himself for his next move.

Luckily, a flirtatious, shape-shifting bartender and a tentacled adolescent alien join this band of futuristic beatniks. Jinx could use the help. Turns out, there's way more to this reality to puzzle out.

And life was already getting pretty weird.

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If you like a kickass heroine with heart and humor, well then, meet Jinx. The New World Chronicles is a Metaphysical Sci-Fantasy series that will keep you coming back. 

Check out loads of 5-star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads!

I love Jinx. The prose is excellent. The emotion is so often exquisitely handled. The ideas are fun, especially the crossbreeding between the spiritual and the science fictional. The dialogue is crisp and often hilarious, and I got very emotionally invested.  — Amy Bennet fmr Locus magazine editor and critically acclaimed and agented novelist.

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