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About the Author

Who is she? Hmm,  let me put it this way—she had to spell-check the word “genius.”

Then she searched for its antonym, which yielded a long list of hilarious terms, among which included “scientist,” according to

So… Winn is a scientist who is often uncertain about whether the English alphabet includes 24 or 26 letters. And despite her challenges with arranging them correctly, she gets paid to weave them into enticing marketing campaigns and wield them to shape highly-imaginative, metaphysical Sci-Fi novels.

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Recent Interview

I practically stumbled into the realm of books – a fact my exasperated teachers can certainly confirm. My journey beyond the confines of illiterate tendencies was fueled by an unyielding sense that “I don’t belong here,” on Earth or among humans.
Literature has been my steadfast companion, whether fact or fiction. Each book served as a stepping stone toward self-discovery, transformation, and the ongoing exploration of the human experience. In the absence of concrete answers, the journey became an art—a process of learning to trust myself as the steward along my own unique path.

Recent Podcast Interview

For some magical reason that only the gods of luck could cook up, I’ll be the featured guest on Sandra Sedgbeer's show, ‘The No BS Spiritual Book Club.’
This veteran of broadcasting—among other impressive achievements—has interviewed international thought leaders, teachers, authors, speakers, filmmakers, and consciousness researchers working at the leading edge where science and spirituality meet.

And . . . now me. Me?

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