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News From Beyond: Episode 1

ONCE AGAIN, protecting Laris, the prophesied ‘ONE’, is left to Jinx, an impulsive, superpowered 18-year-old who has never followed a single rule.

Yeah, sure, she and Jacob managed to save Laris from the first threat—an eternal sleep; and Jinx escaped the pineal-gland-harvesting drug lord Sartillias. But that was yesterday. Today, Jinx is still trying to work out the kinks in her newly-acquired powers, settle into hero status, and navigate her feelings for Laris. Jinx better adjust quickly. She and the team are zipping between galaxies to reach the near-annihilated Earth with mercenaries hot on their tail. Setting up shop in a desolate solar system while danger looms is only the first hurdle in a race to save organic life. Even Jacob and Claire's unrivaled geekery is challenged while tapping into the conductive power of Earth’s pyramids. Their efforts to amplify Laris’s transmutational energy prove hazardous when a nanobot unleashes her dark side. With the energy of the Universe at her fingertips, Laris becomes a threat. While the team works to disrupt the bot, its sender, a showboating kingpin, readies himself for his next move. Luckily, a flirtatious, shape-shifting bartender and a tentacled adolescent alien join this band of futuristic beatniks. Jinx could use the help. Turns out, there's way more to this reality to puzzle out.

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August 16, 2022


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