SWIPE RIGHT: The Currency of Thoughts

I suppose, since I’ve hitched my blog-wagon to the theme SWIPE RIGHT, I should at least pepper the posts with dating tidbits.

But be warned, I will dip into something more existential by the end of this meandering.

So . . . mating. Yup, mating. Whether you’re a wildebeest in the wild or a millennial on the make, the target is the same.

Fun fact detour: Did you know the wildebeest males mark their territory with feces and secretions emitted from their face and hoofs to allure the ladies?

That trivia is a treasure trove of dating app jokes. I’ll refrain . . . for now.

What’s funny is that I have no business being on dating apps, except it’s ripe with comedy, which I’m a junkie for. And if you’re the one person who read my first blog, you know I didn’t actually create my own dating profile.

That’s what happens when you leave your phone unattended within your friend’s reach. In a matter of minutes, she created an account.

So why not delete the account, you ask. Or maybe you didn’t ask. But let’s pretend you did so I can keep this rambling on course.

Short answer: All work and no play creates imbalance.

All jokes aside, it is far too easy to get comfortable in our little worlds. I haven’t invited the unpredictable in for far too long. Ask any writer, most will tell you they can easily stay in their pajamas all day and write -- shower optional.

But eventually life becomes predictable.

I like to evolve, expand, and grow. Those endeavors require living consciously; so I push outside of my comfort zone when needed.

Truth is, our brains will run the same programs on repeat if left unchallenged. Enough days, weeks, months in a row of working from home in yesterday’s clothes might lend itself to an antisocial mindset.

Our thoughts are powerful tools and the currency we shape our lives with. The power of our thoughts to impact our health and circumstance is a pretty hot topic these days with science to back it up. If you haven’t come across talks by biologist Bruce Lipton, Templeton Prize nominee, Gregg Braden, or Dr. Joe Dispenza check ‘em out. They might change your relationship with your own thoughts.

We entertain thoughts (or suffer them) without recognizing we are giving life to something. If life instantly manifested around our thoughts, maybe we’d carefully cultivate them.

But it isn’t instant, yet it is inevitable.

Which brings us to the topic of my first app-inspired date. Yes. It's true. I dove in. I'd like to postpone weekends curled up with cats and a snuggie.

In all honesty, it's surprising. Get a load these bombs. You can practically hear the crickets. But, in my defense, one is an AI scientist and the other has a Ph.D. I mean seriously folks, nerd-flirt seemed like an airtight strategy.

Despite my lack of skill, I sorted out a date.

When I walked into the coffee shop. His first words, “You’re prettier in person.”

Two things:

#1: I take this as a compliment, ‘cause it’s meant to be. If truth be told, I am incredibly unphotogenic.

#2: Do you swipe right if you’re not attracted to the person? Maybe I just barely made the cut.

Whatever the case, he was quite charming and apparently pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t a gargoyle. Yeah for me.

So, the moral of the blog, think twice before you swipe.

Ha! No. Who cares.

Just think twice about swiping right on your thoughts and the reality you’re creating by consciously or unconsciously choosing them.

Yes, that’s better.

Take a look around. Life will show you what programs your subconscious has running. If you like what you see, carry on.

Otherwise, take a deep breath and get back in the driver’s seat.

But don't beat yourself up. We talked about this last week.

Oh, and if an ordinary-looking chick pops up on your dating app, it’s probably me. If you swipe right, be prepared for a very geekified message. I’ve decided to use that approach as my filtering system.

I'll leave it at that; this seems like a decent stopping point.

Now, go do something useful before I call security. You've been loitering here far too long.

Ciao for now.

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